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My Medical Bill Story

I have received one letter after another, one phone call after another, about an overdue bill my local hospital says…

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The Power of Kindness

I promised I would post this life-affirming video every year. I have for the past few years and — it’s…

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A Few Modest Proposals

We’ll soon know whether Donald Trump plans to be the economic populist he claimed to be on the campaign trail….

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Saddened – Social Media, Election 2016 and Beyond

Government and the excitement of political campaigns – a passion of mine since I was a young boy. I was…

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Time Out…Pause…On-Hold

I am still fighting with my paradoxical feelings toward the internet. Two quick quotes from others that sum it up……

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High School Memories

Bad Time–Grand Funk Railroad We all have our songs that transport us back in time.  For me, “Bad Time” by…