Thoughts on the 2022 Midterm Elections

I didn’t want a bunch of the looney right to win last Tuesday. But I equally didn’t want the looney left to further wreck havoc on this country. Yes, I’m talking about the social/cultural left that seems to have a hatred for anything white and straight, and bend over further if you happen to be […]

Woke Crap Will Ruin Liberal Dreams

I have been very disappointed to see “progressive” become a synonym for “woke.” If that continues, I will not be using the word “progressive.” Where does the silliness end? Anybody that knows me understands I am left-of-center on economics. The war of the 1% on everyone else is real. Monopoly capital has a stranglehold on […]

Carroll Swickey (my dad) – What?

Dad’s been gone for almost nine years. He would be 90 today. One thing I know with a fair amount of certainty — he would hate the world of 2020. That a vulgar sociopath is president would be a shock to him, that the vulgar sociopath is Donald Trump would take it to a new […]

My Medical Bill Story

I have received one letter after another, one phone call after another, about an overdue bill my local hospital says I “owe.” One way that Americans can be responsible and help lower health care costs is to actually request and receive an itemized bill for all services, products, injections, etc. I have asked for an […]

A Few Modest Proposals

We’ll soon know whether Donald Trump plans to be the economic populist he claimed to be on the campaign trail. Will he lower the boom on crime in the executive suites as well as the crime-ridden streets? Will he finally hold Wall Street and the bank gangsters accountable and prosecute the crimes from 2007-present? Or, […]

Time Out…Pause…On-Hold

I am still fighting with my paradoxical feelings toward the internet. Two quick quotes from others that sum it up… “I am not a Luddite. I am suspicious of technology. I am perfectly aware of its benefits, but I also try to pay attention to some of the negative effects.” ― Neil Postman (If only […]

High School Memories

Bad Time–Grand Funk Railroad We all have our songs that transport us back in time.  For me, “Bad Time” by Grand Funk Railroad (see video above) takes me and slams me down in the passenger seat in the car of my best friend in high school. Richard Foster’s Volkswagen Beetle, took us all over Oklahoma […]