Thoughts on the 2022 Midterm Elections

I didn’t want a bunch of the looney right to win last Tuesday. But I equally didn’t want the looney left to further wreck havoc on this country. Yes, I’m talking about the social/cultural left that seems to have a hatred for anything white and straight, and bend over further if you happen to be white, straight and male.

The left has very methodically, over years of public school brainwashing, turned good into bad, night into day, up into down, to the point that living today like we did just 25 years ago — seems ‘extremist’ or ‘hateful’.

And the worst part? We aren’t even allowed to talk about it. It’s to the point where the social left believes that discussion about any of the topics we lump together as the “Culture Wars,” must have acceptable parameters (so as to not “offend” anyone) and only allow “acceptable” discussion. How dare simple facts be discussed.

I think America is actually center-left when it comes to most economic issues. I also believe the country is center-right on most cultural issues. There is no political party with the stated purpose of reaching those people. At least not in the United States.

Today’s Democratic and Republican parties are broken and have served their useful purpose. Today, America needs a massive realignment of the organized body politic, and a return to election integrity that allows for legitimate absentee ballots and everyone else voting on the same federal Election Day holiday, over a 15 hour period — with only essential businesses open (or similar scenario).

There’s lots of talk about “threats to democracy,” but the threat is not just from one group of Americans, it’s all around us, from both major political parties.

Election night was a mix for me. Some good, some bad. On to 2024.